Smart commercial loans for your business, delivered quickly.

We provide the core funding that your business needs.

Capspace offers borrowers easy to access commercial loans that are suited to the individual needs of your business. We provide small, medium and emerging businesses with an alternative lending solution for when you don’t meet the strict lending criteria of traditional banks.

Capspace delivers these loans responsively, and remains totally committed to providing exceptional service throughout the term of your loan.


We understand obtaining finance for some businesses is incredibly difficult. More so in the current environment. With us, it’s easy.

Through careful structuring, ongoing management and a defined exit plan, Capspace will provide the core funding needs for your business in a market neglected by the major banks.

Why choose Capspace as a borrower?




The Capspace team is totally focused on your business. We guarantee to complete your application within 5 business days.




Our industry expertise, combined with a track record of outstanding client service provides you with peace of mind that your questions will be answered immediately.




Rest easy knowing we assess your application via stringent loan process, leading lending and compliance policies, and closely review the security we take over borrower assets. By doing so we ensure your loan delivers exactly what your business needs.




We’re regulated and licensed by ASIC and have adopted stringent Environmental, Social and Governance standards for our loans.

How does it work?

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Fill in our application form. The more we know about your business, the more we can tailor your loan.


Discuss your application with one of our team


We will call you and guarantee to turn around your application within 5 business days.

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