September 2020 Monthly Report

Capspace Private Lending Fund

Our fund is growing strongly on the back of strong demand from new investors for stable monthly income payments at an 8% per annum yield.

Encouragingly our loan portfolio continues to perform as expected, highlighting the quality of our business and the advice we provide our clients. All loans are operating within the original approval conditions and making scheduled interest and principal repayments. In addition, each loan is well secured to cover the Fund’s capital position. Our average Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) across our loan portfolio is 54%, highlighting the strength or our security position.

During September we expanded our balance sheet with well secured new loans to long standing clients of the Experity Capital business. One of our Directors, John Encina, was awarded “Commercial Broker of the Year” by The Adviser magazine. This is great recognition for the service John provides his business customers. It also means Capspace is able to attract & support high quality lending transactions.

Our pipeline of loan transactions remains strong, and new loans continue to support the return on our portfolio. We are immediately able to deploy investor capital into high return, secure short-term loans. It is the business we excel at.

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